The Fair Store as it was, in Birmingham.

When I was a young girl growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, my most favorite thing to do was to go with my father to his store. It was called “The Fair Store” and it was full of wonderful, colorful things. I loved to go there. It was so full of surprises. I found myself imagining what I would do with so many of those lovely things.

It was there I learned how to “make change” and handle a cash register, and make attractive merchandise displays. But more than that I learned how to listen to customers and help them find just the right thing.

My father was a wonderful man who loved people and was always courteous and respectful to everyone that came in the door. More than that he was an honest man who priced his merchandise fairly and did his very best to satisfy each and every customer.

Well the Birmingham store is no more. The best I can do is try to re-create it in the cloud. So here is my digital “Fair Store”. I hope you enjoy shopping here and will come back often. Just like in the good old days, this is where you will find some wonderful, colorful things in good condition, packaged with care and sold at a fair price.

I’m still stocking the shelves at the moment, but if you leave a reply, I’ll send you an e-mail when we are “Open For Business”

Then I hope you will come on in and look around. And like my father used to say…

“Come back again real soon”.
…Heléne Cohen

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